Schumann / arr. Randy Max

Now available from Bachovich Music Publications:

Schumann – Six Pieces for Pedal Piano, op. 56 & 58,
arranged for Timpani and Piano by Randy Max.

In 1982, while a student at Juilliard, I was approached by a pianist who said to me:  “I have a recital coming up, and I have found these pieces which Schumann wrote for the pedal piano, which was a piano with pedals like an organ. I’m going to play the piano parts and I would like you to play the pedal lines on the timpani.” We performed several of these pieces on his recital, which was an unforgettable experience.

I am pleased to be able to offer these beautiful pieces by Schumann, considered to be some of his very best, which I have arranged for timpani and piano.

Included in this publication are the timpani parts, the piano/timpani scores, and a CD recording performed by myself on timpani, with Shelley Katz,  piano, whose idea it was to arrange these beautiful pieces for timpani and piano. The timpani parts are arranged for  both 5 or 7 timpani. Also included are the timpani parts with no markings written in, so that you can come up with your own tuning plans and write in your markings as you are used to seeing them.

“What a great idea to expose timpanists, and the listener, to this lovely music arranged for timpani and piano. These pieces will help timpanists develop musical and technical skills and provide unique music for recital performance. I enjoyed listening to you [Randy Max] and Shelley Katz perform this music with wonderful musical sensitivity and skill.”
Stanley Leonard,

Principal Timpanist, retired
Pittsburgh Symphony

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