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Orchestral Excerpts for Timpani features an audio CD with an orchestral performance of each of the 57 orchestral excerpts in the book, plus 21 ‘practice tracks’. The practice tracks are a combination of live playing and orchestral sound samples, and are presented in various tempi, starting very slowly and moving up to performance tempo.

Here are 2 of the practice tracks on the CD.  Note that the practice tracks all begin with 5 seconds of silence so that mallets can be chosen, headphones adjusted, etc, while practicing:

Bartók, Concerto for Orchestra, 4th movement (played by a live viola section):
CD track 9,= 76  

Stravinsky, The Rite of Spring, 186 to the end, with full orchestration:
CD track 71, ♪= 126  

On the CD there are 10 practice tracks for this excerpt; 5 with full orchestration, and 5 which exclude the timpani, tuba, basses, bass-clarinet and contra-bassoon, leaving a unique ‘music-minus-one timpanist’ version of this famous passage.

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